If you are interested in supporting your local county robotics club there are several ways to get involved. First, talk to your local Extension agent as they will know the needs of the club better than anyone. Secondly, if you are interested in purchasing equipment for the club, this is what each age group is currently using:

Please note that we recommend two youth per robot but realize that ratio isn’t always feasible.

4-H Cloverbud (5-7 year olds)

Dash & Dot Wonder Pack for $279.99 (source)
*Requires a phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0

LEGO WeDo Homeschool Expansion Pack for $364.95 (source)
*Requires a laptop computer

4-H Juniors (8-13 years old)

EV3 Homeschool Combo Pack for $541.95 (source)
*Requires a laptop computer
**We encourage older Juniors to try RobotC if the EV3 programming software becomes too easy:

4-H Seniors (14-18 years old)

TETRIX MAX Starter Set for $595.00
TETRIX MAX Resource Set for $169.95
(2) Boost ZTE Speed Mobile Phones (no data plan)
(1) Core Power Distribuition model from Modern Robotics ($89.95)
(1) Core Legacy Module from Modern Robotics ($64.95)
(2) Core Motor Controllers from Modern Robotics ($79.95 each)
(2) Core Servo Controllers from Modern Robotics ($69.95 each)
A set of hex keys
*Requires a laptop computer

Other Materials Clubs Use on a Consistent Basis:

  • AA Batteries
  • D Batteries
  • 5 MM, 12Vdc LED lights
  • 1.5V Mini lightbulbs
  • 1.5V DC hobby motor
  • Battery holder with wire leads for 4 (AA) batteries
  • Battery holder with wire leads for 2 (AA) batteries

If you are interested at sponsoring 4-H Robotics in Mississippi at the statewide-level, contact the MSU Extension Center for Technology Outreach ( There are several areas you can become involved:

  • Participate in grants to fund curriculum development or equipment purchases.
  • Sponsor the 4-H Senior Robotics Awards at Club Congress.