Do It Yourself Crafts

Make Your Own Robot Chalk or Markerboard

Add a little personality to your robotics meetings with this DIY chalkboard idea!

Download the accompanying robot parts and place them onto your homemade chalk or markerboard.


Robot Head

Robot Arms

Make Your Own Floppy Disk Cubed Robot

Remember floppy disks, kids? (Ask your parents.)

Make use of that outdated technology by building your own DIY cube robots!


Green Robot #1

Green Robot #2

Orange Robot

Robotics in a Jar Conversation Starters

Looking for ways to kick off those robotics meetings? Print out some of these questions and help get the conversation going!


Robotics in a Jar Questions

Make Your Own 4-H Robotics Volunteer Kit


Make Your Own 4-H Robotics Volunteer Kit

4-H Robotics Volunteer Kit Card

Stickers Word Template


4-H Robotics Ruler

4-H Robotics Bookmark