Senior Contests

4-H Club Congess (Senior 4-H’ers)

Senior PowerPoint Contest (14-18 year olds)

  • The PowerPoint contest is held the first day of Club Congress. Participants should select a time to present. Participants should remain in the room until all presentations are completed for their time slot and then they may leave.
  • Participants should prepare a 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choosing. Participants should keep in mind that this is an informative presentation, not a book report. Use this rubric to guide the development of the presentation.
  • The Best Foot Forward publication is also available to help prepare for the contest.

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Senior Computer Contest (14-18 year olds)

The contest consists of:

  • Written Vocabulary Exam – 40%
  • Creating an app using the MIT app inventor – 40%
  • Presentation of the app – 20%

The Written Vocabulary contest will consist of 50 multiple choice questions that may be taken from the Computer Mystery curriculum, or any information given out in the workshops.

Visual Presentation: The visual presentation must focus on the app created by the youth and must be at least 3 minutes and may not exceed 5 minutes. Youth can expand on ideas of programming, app development, and how coding and technology impacts humans.

The type of app youth should developed will be released four weeks before the contest so they may prepare accordingly.

An example schedule for the contest is as follows:

  1. First hour – vocabulary test
  2. Second hour – Work on app if needed
  3. Third hour – Presentation of app

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Senior Robotics Contest (14-18 year olds)

The robotics contest is held in the afternoon of the second day of Club Congress and is a team contest. Each team must have 3-4 youth on the team. This contest requires youth to work in teams to solve programming challenges using the Tetrix robot. The contest mat is normally released in March which means youth have on average about two months to prepare. Youth should also prepare a 3-5 minute video presentation on the topic assigned by the contest chair (this topic is announced in March as well). Each youth is expected to contribute to the presentation and the judges will ask questions of each youth.

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Other Robotics Contests

We encourage local 4-H clubs to participate in other robotics contests when they feel they are ready. Several of the contests are available below. Check them out to see if you are interested!


First Lego League (FLL)

First Tech Challenge (FTC)